Si el VIH/SIDA no se contagia sexualmente, entonces como me contagio?

Es una de las preguntas que estan circulando por todo el mundo ahora que la gente se está dando cuenta que el VIH/SIDA no se transmite sexualmente. Pues la respuesta la tiene este servidor y humilde activista internacional gay, y es “Por Seguimiento!”.

Por seguimiento? Y eso que quiere decir?

Es todo un sistema perfectamente elaborado en donde participan miles de personas con diferentes objetivos claro. Sin embargo, la pieza principal es un orden militar para un plan tremendamente organizado o mas bien dicho un orden militar del Servicio de Inteligencia o lo que en Estados Unidos se llama CIA. Por supuesto, estas fuerzas son corruptas, o sea fuerzas del lado corrupto.

Para empezar este Servicio de Inteligencia controla un sistema de camaras y de traqueo tecnológico muy poderoso con el cual llega a saber la vida completa de las personas desde que naces hasta que mueres. Este orden militar se conecta con miles de ciudadanos quienes son encargados de vigilar cada persona 24 horas 7 días a la semana los 365 días del año. O sea nada que no hagas, no lo saben ellos, ellos violan absolutamente todita tu privacidad, toda!

Estas personas manipulan tu vida con drogas, venden tu vida, te hacen hacer cosas malas, te corrumpen, te vuelven agresivo, y en algunos casos te convierten en un paciente de VIH/SIDA. Estas personas te van manipulando desde bebé y te van dando drogas toda la vida, asi que convertirte en paciente de VIH/SIDA para ellos es muy fàcil. Ya saben tu rutina, tus productos, ya saben tu vida sexual, en fin lo saben todo. Entonces ellos escogen a quienes convertir en pacientes de VIH/SIDA.

Cuantas personas estan en “seguimiento”?

Miles de personas en todos los países del mundo estàn siendo controlados bajo este sistema desde bebes. Es un sistema conservador liberal, por eso millones de conservadores liberales participan del sistema. Entonces ya sabes. Si eres paciente probablemente estes en seguimiento desde bebé.

Metodo en Cadena: Pacientes por area, por ciudad o por país

En este caso infectan el agua de todo un país mas viruses de aire en todo el país y ahi tienen Africa como ejemplo donde casi todos tienen SIDA. El metodo del “seguimiento” se usa mas en países con mas altos índices de educación porque cualquiera bien educado puede descubrir que todo es mentira asi que este metodo del seguimiento es mas sigiloso. El metodo de infección por país o por ciudad se hace en países con menos educación porque nadie se asegura de cuestionar lo que esta pasando, simplemente todos creen lo que les dice el gobierno o otros países mas educados.

Entonces ahí estan los dos metodos. Por seguimiento o por cadena.

En el Perú, durante 2013-2015 intentaron el metodo por cadena, pero en el 2014, yo descubrí el SIDA y como lo hacen y ahora continúan con el método del seguimiento. O sea esta network conseguirà los pacientes vigilando tu vida. Si eres activista o defensor de derechos humanos, de hecho estas en la mira. Si eres gay también. Sin embargo, miles de personas estan en seguimiento y un partido político o dos participan mayormente de este sistema y estàn conectados con los medios de comunicación. Recuerda este es un plan conservador liberal. Son conservadores liberales que protegen la religión pero son mas perdidos y liberales en muchísimos aspectos. Eso es todo.

Yvo Minchon, Activista Gay Peruano Americano


The Superiority behind AIDS!

Certainly, the disease has killed 39 million people and has 38 million people infected around the world, but what happens when you have survived two waves of AIDS and you take control of the disease and not the disease takes control of your body? The picture is completely different!

As a child, I experienced the first wave of AIDS (1981-1986), I received it when I was a 4 years old in Peru, yes, AIDS was being thrown worldwide. Then, the second wave of AIDS (2011-2016) was pretty tough as well and survival was my goal. Again, this happened in Peru as well.

In the second wave though around 2013-2016, I was able to observe everything. Intuition and observation helped to detect every attack as to how AIDS is made by a network of people within your country. Surviving was not easy and fell sick thousand of times even I was very close to die on September 2014 with AIDS. However, it is observing that I understood all the components of the disease AIDS which is basically nothing else that a combination of diseases together. These diseases which are made with drugs, bacterias and viruses causes a pool of diseases, more than 70 diseases, and I experienced them all.

When you know what disease you are given based on symptoms you act upon it, and that is what I did. First at all, I became aware of the status of HIV positive as of March 2015. By then, I already knew all the details of how the disease is made but I still needed to confirm a few more details. When I discovered “the drug of AIDS” in 2016, that was the last piece I needed to cure every symptom naturally and with proper nutrition.

It is important to remark that when I was told of my HIV status on March 2015, I was told to enroll in a program called Targa. I refused to take the retrovirals because I knew how the disease is made. However, I took 9 months of Ionizide for lungs protection and 6 months of antibacterial drugs. These two profilaxis treatments helped a lot, and I believe is all you need to make it on your own but of course depending on your knowledge of medicine, the attacks and nutrition.

Because AIDS is a pool of diseases together, simply you have to address every disease on its own based on symptoms. If you have dyahrrea, take a Bactrin, and that is it sort of thing. You got people in your country throwing these diseases once in a while by air and water, that is why knowing the attacks is important and acting inmediately too. Certainly, your inmune system gets hurt and probably, there will be certain foods you will never be able to eat again based on your knowledge of your body and its symptoms.

The title of this article is, “the superiority of AIDS”, and it is, what happens when you control the disease, know the attacks, have proper nutrition with fruits, vegetables and organic and natural products, well simply nothing gets you sick. The inmune system even when is a little damaged develops superiority and is stronger against diseases now. However, the habits of proper nutrition and not eating the foods or products that affect you is a requirement for life probably. You are the only one to know your body and its symptoms. The inmune sytem gets stronger after you have recovered because it already read all the diseases you had and is prepared to afront them if they come again. Our inmune system is like a USB, it learns about a disease, it fights it, memorize the composition of the disease, and uses its weapons to fight it. Next time, your inmune system recognizes the disease and simply uses its weapons straight forward, is ready to fight it. The more diseases you havepand make it, the stronger your inmune system gets with more genetical disease information. Vaccines also help to feed this USB of ours.

More about AIDS by my own xperience: is not lethal, is not progressive, is not sexually transmitted, is nothing when controlled with good nutrition, and I believe is not passed through the blood as well. The reasoning is simple, AIDS is a combination of diseases, but these diseases are stored on your own genetical body. The blood could be dirty but still does not compromise the other person. Otherwise, people that have moles and cancers with sex would transmit the same to other people, and that is not true either.

What I have observed though is that this AIDS network of people is part of the Service Intelligence because they track down every patient, and they manage to keep the lie by infecting people. So, while you think you have HIV because a person passed it to you, that is not true, the people in the system has observed you and threw the AIDS diseases on you!. If you are lgbti, you are an easy target. However, AIDS does not discriminate. It is proven AIDS was created by the US CIA, the Presbyterians and the Vatican, but conservatives use it to protect religion sometimes and is mostly associated with center right or right wings political parties, and the people behind these political parties are called conservative socialists.

If you are HIV positive, think like this: This is my disease, I gotta discover now the people doing this to me, and the attacks around me. Once, you figure that out, you cure almost 100% with proper nutrition. Of course, you gotta avoid the attacks by air and water. Then, HIV/AIDS becomes nothing, and you can have as much sex as you want. Be happy to know is not transmitted by blood either. AIDS doesnt get into your blood, AIDS damages your inmune system and organs based on the attack, I have written about the attacks already, read my blog on facebook or my articles.

Positive side effects of the AIDS disease: Hiperactivity, multitasking, higher creativity, higher retention, higher wishes of perfection in everything you do, higher intelligency or memory retention because of the drugs. As well, better intuition and observation to detail which led me to discover all about this HIV/AIDS disease because they have thrown it on me all my life almost.

Have a nice and healthy day and remember health has no price!

Yvo Minchon, an lgbti activist

The Cure to HIV/AIDS

First at all, you need to understand a few things about the HIV/AIDS disease:

– Is not lethal, is not progressive, is not transmitted sexually, is 100% curable, you can have AIDS and be NEGATIVE.

What to do when you test HIV positive in a HIV test?

– This only means your inmune system is asking for urgent help. Change your habit of life for a full year with a proper nutrition and no substances or alcohol of any kind, and follow the following treatment besides that: 9 months of Ionizide to clean your lungs of tuberculosis, and 6 months of antibacterial to clean your whole body of bacterias.

– After a full year, your body will recover 80% and within a year and a half, your body and inmune system will recover 100%.

Why people die with HIV or AIDS, what to do to avoid it?

– Avoid all attacks. In many HIV patients, you are actually chased to experience the disease by a network of people to become ill for several reasons. This network of people needs to get a number of patients per year, that is why they are getting pay for. Be aware then that they have to work you out to become a patient and a person who will believe the disease.

What are the attacks? How can I avoid them, so I dont die?

-Three main attacks: Drugs, Bacteria and Viruses. They are everywhere in different ways. You have to be smart if you have been targeted and learn to recognize once you receive one of these attacks. You will get symptoms, just address the particular disease you are having based on your symptoms inmediately, amd that is it. Bottom line, get that inmune system up and going. Proper nutrition everyday matters a lot.

How can I recognize the attacks?

– HIV/AIDS is a disease created since 1980. Since then, this network of people havent stopped throwing it in your area, city or country. Unfortunately, that is the way how it is. If the whole world knew this, they will know that 90% of their diseases happen because HIV/AIDS is being created around the place where you live or you are the target.

– The attacks can be recognized by the symptoms. For example: if it is drugs it will be your head, your blood pressure, etc. If it is bacteria, it could be diahreea, stomach pain, skin problems. If it is viruses, it could be tuberculosis, or a biological weapon in the air, these are the hardest ones to recognize.

What to do when YOU know you are a target?

– You cant eat outside on the streets much. You have to eat well washed vegetables and fruits. Simply, everything you eat or drink, you have to be extremely careful all your life now.

My advice:

I became a target for being an international lgbti activist. I cured myself 100% without retroviral treatment, addressing every disease by itself based on its symptoms, and with proper nutrition based on fruits, vegetables, and natural and organic products. Once in a while, the network of people I talk about, give me an attack, but I know them all now. However, they keep trying all the time, even the Zika mosquitos ended in my locked room. You can tell then this hateful network is constantly attacking you, but nothing I cannot discover so far. Now, the haters will use your loved ones or your friends or even known people to hurt you, so you cannot trust anybody anymore. Simply, this billionaire pharmaceutical business can buy anybody anywhere at the moment, and if you are a target, this network will use the people you less imagine to hurt you. You just need to be smart dude! That is all, I am healthy  I made it, and I am sharing my story with you in case it happens to you!

Yvo Minchon, an LGBTI activist

















How the HIV/AIDS symptoms are created!

If you go to Google, you are going to find out the following symptoms that are related to HIV/AIDS:

– Fever, severe fatigue,  non-itchy rash, swollen glands/lymph nodes, muscle aches, sore throat, night sweats, sores or ulcers in the mouth.

The saying that you can have AIDS and be NEGATIVE is true. HIV positive only means weak immune system at its maximum level. HIV/AIDS is nothing else that a combination of independent diseases that need to be treated independently, that is all, some curable, some might not be depending on severity. HIV/AIDS derives into more than 50 diseases because when immune system is weak everything becomes a threat, that is all, bumping up your immune system is a must do especially after exposures. Exposures are done by air or water or in products, and this weakens your immune system. Like I said, retroviral treatment is not needed, but a good nutrition system is. So, I should say retroviral treatmemt is needed when you cant afford a good nutrition plan rich in inmunological food. However, immunological foods don’t mean they are expensive, there are several foods at a low cost that enhances your immune system.

The first step if you are HIV positive after testing is PROFILAXIS. This only means, you have had lots of exposures, you need to clean up your body quick from bacterias and viruses. 3 to 6 months of anti-bacterial, and 6 to 9 months of Ionizide for tuberculosis. When doing this profilaxis, a good nutrition plan for full recovery. After profilaxis, you can only continue with good nutrition, and that is it.

HIV/AIDS is not progressive, it is people who make it progressive with several attacks that come from the network of people in charge of spreading AIDS in your country. In Africa, HIV/AIDS is general, AIDS is thrown in the whole country. In Peru, for example, is more personalized, this network of Peruvians will throw AIDS to you if you become a threat to religion, for mere revenge or other reasons. This network of people throwing AIDS in every country in the world have one job and is to get enough new patients with HIV positive status per year. They basically have to choose where to throw the air viruses, the water or liquids contaminations seem to be done constantly and randomly.

Like the title of this article says, “how HIV symptoms are hcreated”, they are created by air and by water or liquids. By air, the main ones are the tuberculosis virus, and a biological weapon. By water, is the diabetes or inmunologcal liquid as I called it. By product, is a drug placed in main products.

By product, they use  a drug or ingredient that intoxicates your body causing rashes. By water or liquids, the “diabetes or inmunological” liquid which supresses your immune system causing fever, fatigue, swollen glands/lymph nodes, muscle aches, sore throat, night sweats, and ulcers or sores in the mouth. So far, this is what I have discovered while I perfect more and more my findings with time and observation because they threw AIDS all over my city.

I am HIV positive, but  I have the same symptoms than many in my city that are negative. This shows, being POSITIVE only means weak immune system at the moment you do the testing. This also means you can have AIDS and develop any of the more than 50 diseases that AIDS causes and be NEGATIVE. For example, CANCER is a derivative of AIDS through the water or liquids contamination. You don’t develop AIDS to become HIV positive, but you develop a derivative disease from these air and water contaminations.

Of course as I observe more  I become an expert in the field of medicine. These games, by whoever they come from, made me discover all of this. Thank you to the gamers for putting me in their torture game, conservative side, without this, I wouldn’t have been able to discover anything. This is a medical-pharmaceutical business that now the world gets to find out, so millions of lives can be saved.

Yvo Minchon, an lgbti activist. Trujillo-Peru











La Verdad sobre el VIH-SIDA

Que fuerzas conservadoras cubren la mentira del VIH-SIDA? Fuerzas conservadoras en cuanto a su religión y conectadas con mayormente con fuerzas conservadoras de derecha o izquierda en todos los países del mundo que cuenta con un grupo de personas encargadas de hacer las exposiciones.

Porque el examen de VIH sale positivo en la prueba rápida? Porque tienes un sistema inmuno débil en el cual tus celulas blancas han sido retenidas como un sistema de autodefensa debido a las exposiciones de agua y aire. Tu sistema inmuno retiene las celulas blancas porque necesita un montón de ayuda para pelear con muchas enfermedades a la vez que son tiradas por agua y por aire.

Que enfermedades de agua y aire hay? Son muchas pero las principales son viruses de aire: neumonía, kapposi sarcoma, arma biológica y encefalitis. Y por el agua tenemos: bacteria que hiere el sistema inmunológico, Alzheimer, diabetes, hepatitis y problemas neurológicos.

Existe el VIH? Basado en mi observación, NO. Cuando ya tienes SIDA, sales positivo en el examen de VIH/SIDA y el conteo de las células CD4 determina si tienes VIH (sistema inmunológivo débil) o SIDA (sistema inmunológico deficiente desgastadísimo). Entonces es VIH si tu sistema inmunólogico es débil y està en modo de autodefensa, es SIDA cuando tu sistema inmunológico ya esta muy debilitado y también en autodefensa.

Que quiere decir autodefensa? Cuando te tiran tantas enfermedades a la vez por agua y por aire, tu sistema inmunológico no dà màs y se pone en estado de autodefensa porque necesita todas las celulas blancas posibles dentro de cuerpo para pelear tanta enfermedad a la vez y no se alcanza. Es ahí cuando tus ganglios alrededor de todo tu cuerpo se hinchan y retienen todas las celulas blancas para luchar todas estas enfermedades fuertes mencionadas arriba y es ahí cuando en el examen de VIH/SIDA sales positivo.

Entonces que es el VIH-SIDA? Es una deficiencia inmunológica reparable al 100% siempre y cuando trates cada enfermedad independientemente y de acuerdo a cuanto te ha afectado una exposición de aire o de agua, una correcta alimentación y un buen sistema de vida o sea no tomar, no fumar y dormir tus 8 horas por la noche. Si quieres curarte al 100% SIN tratamiento, tendras que hacer esto y otras cosas màs.

Que otras cosas más? Evitar las exposiciones. Lamentablemente cuando el VIH-SIDA salió a la luz en 1981-1986, desde ese entonces este grupo de gente conectada mundialmente no ha dejado de hacer las exposiciones de agua y de aire. Ellos ponen bacterias o químicos fuertes por el agua potable y muchos otros líquidos consumibles en cualquier tienda y tiran muchos tipos de viruses en el aire. Evitarlos todos es un enorme talento pero no imposible. Mi mejor consejo es, ante una caída por una exposición asegurate al 100% de recuperarte y trata de no caer en lo mismo.

Algunos ejemplos? Agua potable con químicos o bacterias, jugos, gaseosas o yogures con bacteria acumulada (fuerte dosis), y de vez en cuando los viruses de aire mencionados arriba. Si sabes reconocer síntomas como yo, te serà facilísimo evitar todo o curar inmediatamente lo que te afectó. Ya me se los síntomas de memoria. Tu sistema inmuno se recompone con una buena alimentación solo y todo vuelve a la normalidad.

Algunos síntomas? La dosis de bacteria o quimicos en el agua potable, jugos, gaseosas, botellas de agua o yogures te causará manchas en la piel como puntos rojos, sudoraciones, sangre caliente en el cuerpo, picazón como culebrilla y herpes zoster. El virus de la neumonía te quitarà la respiración y llenarà tus pulmones de saliva. El virus de Kapposi Sarcoma te sancocha la piel causando ronchas. El arma biológica destrosa tu sistema immunológico, sientes la cabeza pesada con dolor, dolor de huesos, diarreas, bajas de peso al toque. Todos estos sintomas se curan con el tiempo pero debes alimentarte bien.

Entonces no tengo NADA? Todo parece indicar que si. Es una historia muy bien fabricada con este network de gente en todos los países del mundo que no solo se encargan de infectarte sino de aseguran de seguir tu zona, tus hàbitos, te estudian y se aseguran que presenten estos síntomas para que creas que tienes una enfermedad letal cuando no lo es. El sticker VIH positivo, le avisa ademàs a los conservadores y su network que eres una persona que puede ser un problema muy grande para ellos en algunos casos, por eso te siguen. No es bueno ponerse este sticker, no lo Hagan.

Como sabes todo esto? Vengo observando por màs de dos años como hacen todo y como crean los síntomas. Es increíble. La enfermedad no existiría si esta gente no la creara y dudo que se cree sexualmente o se transmita sexualmente. Todo es una mentira de los conservadores y su red de gente en todos los países del mundo. Una mentira excelentemente fabricada.

Tienes idea quienes son? He visto a los conservadores tirándolo. Pero como todos sabemos, muchos fueron presionados por esta fuerza que viene de USA y empujó a todos los peruanos a infectar a todo el país, fue un caos.

Tienes idea que fuerza de USA es? Todo parece indicar que los Republicanos Liberales Conservadores pagan a un network de gente para que infecten a todos creando así los juegos psicológicos mundiales. Cuando los juegos se expanden, ellos detienen los juegos tirando SIDA a todos. Lo que no se imaginaron fue que esta vez alguien lo descubriría todo.

Un último consejo? Coman comunida immunológica, frutas y vegetables. Evitar las exposiciones periódicas es muy difícil sobretodo cuando tiran un virus de aire, es casi inevitable no respirarlo por eso caemos, pero un tratamiento de tuberculosis (ionizida por 6 meses es recomendable para todos) y comer comida nutritional alta en proteína.

Solución Ideal? Atrapar esa red de gente que tira las enfermedades. Es dificil pero no imposible con una tremenda investigación. Por ejemplo, una vez me llenaron la Inca Cola ground Zero con un montón de bacteria para paràlisis instantánea, pero felizmente me di cuenta y solo un pequeño trago me tumbo enfermo. Imaginense si me tomaba toda la gaseosa, paralítico de por vida. Esta red tiene mas de 100 años haciendo las enfermedades así y solo es cuestión de cuidarse y comer saludable.

Al menos alegrense, no tienen nada. Seguiré escribiendo conforme averigue mas. A disfrutar el sexo sin limitaciones.










One Year living with HIV – The Big Lie

This article is written based on a patience that is living with HIV after testing positive, and the symptoms reported within a year. In other words, the patience tested positive on 2015 and after a year in 2016, the following is reported:

  • All symptoms are created by humans. No symptoms whatsoever natural from the disease in your body.

What does it mean created by “humans”?

  • That there is a network of people in the country that targets the patience, the area where the patience lives, and manages to create all the symptoms to make the HIV disease a credible disease through several means.

What does it mean “to make the HIV disease a credible disease through several means”?

  • This network of people contaminates the drinkable water supply and liquids in several products with several chemicals and overdoses, and they also contaminate the air with biological weapons and various viruses such as the pneumonia virus, kaposi sarcoma virus, encefalitis virus, and others. Depending on the exposures is how the HIV/AIDS disease progresses.

What does it mean “Depending on the exposures is how the HIV/AIDS disease progresses?

The network of people within your country first manages that the patience develops AIDS. For this, they use lots of people and lots of water or liquids contaminations, and air viruses. They expose people to these terrible practices about one year or even two years until the patience tests positive when the patience has a very weak immune system. In other words, you test positive because you have a very weak inmune system and not necessarily because you have a lethal virus.

What does it mean “not necessarily because you have a lethal virus”?

At the beginning you get AIDS with all these exposures by water and air by this network of people, on top of this, you have to have a terrible habit of life which contributes to come “positive” when you get tested. When the exposures are stopped, your immune system heals by itself, and you recover completely without treatment. All it takes is a good habit of life and a very nutritional food system. Your immune system heals and a full recovery happens. This means, HIV is not progressive and HIV never converts into AIDS. It all depends on you now in how much you avoid the attacks.

What does it mean “it all depends on you now in how much you avoid the attacks?

If you want a full recovery of HIV/AIDS with no treatment. Your habit of life has to change at least until recovery. This means sleeping the right amount of hours, reducing drugs if you consume it, no drinking, no smoking. Besides this, you have to avoid the attacks of this network of people within your country. In other words, this network of people within your country manages to infect you periodically to make the HIV/AIDS disease credible. When they contaminate your water and liquids, you need to be aware and avoid it. When they contaminate your air with air viruses, avoid breathing much of it. Avoiding these attacks by air and water, will secure you a full healing.

What does it mean ” full healing”?

You don’t need treatment for HIV/AIDS disease if you count with the means to eat well, immunological food mostly until full recovery. You might need some independent treatments for the pneumonia virus in the air, and the diahrrea because of the biological weapon that weakens your immune system. When you discover this network of people, full healing of your inmune system will come for sure.

What does it mean “when you discover this network of people, full healing of your immune system will come for sure”?

You need to find the politician within your country supporting the contamination of your water supply. You need to find the people throwing the air viruses in your area. They will do that once in a while to maintain the HIV/AIDS lie. Based on the patience experience, it is amazing what this network of people do.

What does it mean ” based on the patience experience, it is amazing what this network of people do”?

The patience is me, and I cannot tell you everything I have observed, how they do it, and how my country shut up to cover up this big fat lie because investments and donations will come in exchange for their silence.

What does it mean “their silence”?

Many Peruvians were infected in 2014-2016, many have their immunological systems destroyed, many died. This network of people around threw all these diseases on us by air and water. Conservatives and extremists are first in the line to remain silent. They know what happened in Peru, they just don’t want to speak up. Many changes will come though, as they are silent to me but they are speaking to themselves and to many countries worldwide about what happened. Conservatives from all over the world, and doctors are coming to digest this information, all done in silence by them. In other words, change is coming for sure, and the cure of this shit is sooner than ever. I have even seen them autohurting themselves threwing the viruses on themselves to create paranoia and to contribute to the games. Their desire to change this world is huge, and that is why they do it. I understood that at the end. However, nothing should take off our minds, the 39 million lost lives due to HIV/AIDS that seems to be owned by Republican liberals. They have been using this all these 35 years to achieve power, a conservative power, that now will be over. The actors, actresses, singers, writers, dancers, activists, lgbti members, African Americans, minorities and pro equality people killed with this disease and this power in America finally could come to an end if the world unites against it.

It is the end of HIV/AIDS if the country with unity targets the network of people throwing these diseases on their citizens and avoids the attacks in so many liquid products where the overdoses and chemicals are. Eating healthy with a decent habit of life is the cure to everything. The message these right-liberal-conservative powers were sending was wrong but killing lots of innocent people. Now, it is time that all of them worldwide pay for what they have done. To get them all!










100 years of games

Putting together everything found out in the world, it is amazing to realize how our lives are surrounded by the games created by the media and forces around the world. In these games, there is the tortured one or the tortured ones, and the ones that actually comply to make the games effective or real, the servers. The servers will be all over the world in every country ready to cause all the good and bad things to your life or to  people, all the diseases as well, everything. Your life is not yours, it is theirs, they run your life with the games and through the media. The tortured one or tortured ones is put automatically in the games if this person has experienced discrimination, persecution or torture by any government in the United States especially when this person’s case is huge and could compromise this particular government. The servers go in chains, some are paid especially the first line that truly get hired, others are forced to do what this first line servers wanted them to do with pain, in other words, some are servers by force not by will. This is how the chain of servers become huge worldwide attacking one another becoming agents in a horrible discrimination case. Very interesting.

The tortured one or tortured ones is or are put as masters of the games  but they themselves get tortured psychologically as well  by all the servers and receive the same pains than the others. However, since this person is the person that truly experienced the discrimination by a particular government in the USA, then this person is the target mostly with psychological games. Many servers are lied upon, they don’t even know they are serving the cause which is to cover up the torture case by the government, they just get paid and play the games. Many servers get in trouble for this especially when the USA starts cleaning up and getting rid of all its servers in other countries to clean evidence.

The tortured one becomes a master without knowing it. This person is put under surveillance everywhere, and all communications are hacked, so the control in the tortured person is 100%. The tortured one doesn’t even know that his or her actions moves all the media, his or her words are put worldwide, his or her privacy is 100% violated, and his or her likes or dislikes move everything worldwide. The servers are to do the games all over the world, and they count that the tortured one dies with the games within a lapse of time, all is done to cover up the discrimination case by the government in the USA.

The tortured one without knowing his or her privacy is being invaded 24/7, has likes in music, in food, wishes, aspirations, desire to change things, etc. The servers start hurting all his or her likes. Example: The tortured one likes a Hollywood star just because he or she likes movies and is fan of this Hollywood star. This Hollywood star gets hurt by the servers, but then this Hollywood star becomes very famous with lots of awards. The Hollywood star likes it and put money down as promotion in the games asking for more. On the other side, the tortured person is getting nothing only more and more psychological torture and the sounds of the taxis, buses  and hundreds of people promotioning all this people from the media.

As the games become more and more famous, several people from the media try to get into them, so they can be known worldwide. Corporations, producers, writers, newspapers, all pushed by the servers to put money in the system for recognition while lots and lots of people get hurt and pushed to do, to say, to watch, to buy whatever the tortured one, the master, is doing. The tortured one isnt absolutely aware of what the servers are doing with people, with his or her life, and with the live of others. All this is worked out by the servers. Pharmaceuticals then aware of the games start throwing diseases in the whole country in many countries being one of them HIV/AIDS as means to sell more of their product which is medicine. Other diseases are hepatitis, diabetes, neurological diseases, cancers, alzheimer, etc. Other example, when the tortured one mentions a name, that name becomes famous worldwide, for example, the tortured one mentions names because he or she has a life and has friends with those names. For example, the tortured’s friend name is Erick. Erick is put is all the programs worldwide. If someone named Erick is in the media, it can get hurt but most importantly this media person will get recognition. For all the other Ericks, all over the world, regular people usually, most of them get hurt or even killed by the servers. That is how the servers run the games. For example, many Ericks will die in different ways all over the world, some others will get injuries or discriminations, etc. The servers are everywhere in ever country and make sure this happens.

At one point in time, the tortured person is released, if he or she is strong enough, intelligent, a visioner and a fighter because only this type of person will discover everything, all the games planned, the gamers and will count with millions of people on his or her side. This tortured person who not only discovered how their HIV/AIDS is done, but how climate alterations are done, and discovered his or her privacy was being invaded, discovered the games and the servers. The servers all over Peru, all they can do is to hide. Most of them already have HIV/or AIDS because some people threw it on them as well. Even though, the servers continue doing their job because is a fight for justice most importantly.

This is how the life of many of us are surrounded around the games. This is how if you have a commercial name, you will experience something when the tortured person mentions your name. These games have lasted almost 100 years, lots of tortured people by the US governments. You might say, who are the servers? It is a combination of  Republican conservatives of all religions, plus law enforcement authorities connected with the media, and all their terrorist connections mostly associated with the right political parties in every country, and pharmaceuticals that produce all the diseases,the richest of the world.

Now, you know, if something happens to you, you should think, what is my name? or how am I related to the games? Many Hollywood and media know the games very well, so they name their children with that names of the games, some of them are: Marcos, Peter, Patrick, Erick, Sofia, Lucy, etc.

Social justice will be made someday. Unfortunately, because too many people became servers within our own countries, is that they will shut their mouth for what they did, and it will be in their memories forever. The tortured one with a clean conscience is just happy everyday, and one of them is me, with a strong mind and happy with all my discoveries willing to discover even more to let the world know what we have created, monsters of the media. My psychological torture by the government was only for being GAY. I am gay and very proud of it. My ideals are full lgbti rights worldwide, is social justice many of us deserve.

Yvo Rances, LGBTI Activist




Los juegos discriminadores de Estados Unidos

Todo comienza en Estados Unidos y son organizados por una fuerza allá. Ellos arman los juegos y enfrentan gente, países, crean caos, violan la privacidad de miles de personas y asesinan para sembrar el miedo contratando montones de terroristas. Aunque todo parece una ilusión, no lo es, muchos peruanos fueron heridos con SIDA y Estados Unidos solo de burló con más y más películas. Esta fuerza puede dominar los medios de comunicación a su antojo atacando a miles de personas con enfermedades y ataca todos los países del mundo con sus conecciones. Es como si este fuerza contara con el apoyo de un buen grupo de personas en cada país.

La gente que participó de los juegos en el Perú, todos los partidos políticos mayormente, nadie habre la boca pero todos saben lo que hicieron. Su miedo y a la vez su dolor por haber sido parte de los juegos es algo que no resistirán. Mientras la víctima principal, yo, descansa tranquila en paz pensando todos los días como es que toda esta violación de privacidad pudo suceder. Solo recuerdo un acto discriminatorio en mi trabajo en el Franchise Tax Board en Sacramento, California, USA como gay en el 2009, luego la tortura psicológica de mi supervisor, luego todos los empleados colaborando con la tortura psicológica, luego mucha gente, muchos veteranos poniendo equipos de video torturandome todos los días en mi trabajo, en las calles, en mi apartmento y en todo lugar. Luegos sus hijos de los empleados. En fin, en todo lugar, en todo momento, la discriminación y el acoso eran imparables, hasta se convirtió en una persecución. Hasta que decidí retornar a mi país para recuperarme de ese evento discriminatorio en Enero del 2012.

En Febrero 2012, me pongo a trabajar en el Perú y los juegos comienzan en Setiembre del 2012. Un montón de personas comienzan a hacerlos, en la universidad, en las calles, luego todos los partidos políticos entre ellos y por orden APRA, Fuerza Popular, APP, Elidio, por no decir todos. A fines del 2014, me doy cuenta de la violación de privacidad por tanto tiempo. Miles de personas me han visto en todo el mundo. A pesar de todo parecía ser positivo porque la genre se reía, se burlaba también y yo buscaba entretenerme para ignorar todo lo que me hacían, hasta el día de hoy lo hago y ya todo el mundo sabe que ya ni me importa que esten espiando de cualquier forma. Todavía tengo dudas porque todos los mediós de comunicación hacen ver como que la gente me ama o me quiere pero he recibido varias indirectas de que no es así sino que es un amor forzado o un querer forzado, como que los obligan a hacerme sentir bien o algo así. A la vez muchas personas me hicieron daño, me dieron de todo, drogas, sustancias, enfermedades y como siempre la tortura psicológica en todas partes. Parece que en el Perú esta fuerza de Estados Unidos contarà con una fuerza que los obliga a todos a hacer eso, y pues es así que todos empiezan a hacer los juegos psicológicos pero a la vez estas personas también son heridas. Es como una cadena de discriminación, cuyo discriminator principal, el master, se encuentra en Estados Unidos.

Poniendo todas las piezas juntas, todo parece indicar que es un juego de los Republicanos y Republicanos Conservadores. Sin embargo aqui hay una fuerza militar muy poderosa con una red de terroristas que apoya todos los juegos y parece ser que es el CIA de Estados Unidos. Es así que se crean los juegos mundiales y muchas vidas inocentes se pierden porque estas personas usan muchas enfermedades en todos los países y la gente va cayendo con ellas. Enfermedades que las he descubierto todas y he podido al menos salvar a muchos en mi país. Estados Unidos sigue jugando y parece no importarle todos los genocidios que ya hizo en el 2012-2015 en todo el mundo. Al menos ahora, todo el mundo sabe de sus juegos y de eso no escaparà nadie.



Experimentando en la Comunidad LGBTI

Hoy descubrí que varios miembros de la comunidad lgbti en Perú estan siendo sometidos ilegalmente a un tratamiento médico a base de presión y dolor y tan solo para poder vender medicinas al gobierno Peruano. Esto es ilegal y puede ser sancionado con pena de cárcel por someter a un experimento médico sin tener un consentimiento escrito por parte del paciente.

Esta fuerza presiona a tus padres, a tus familiares, a tus amigos, entre otros a contaminarte. Parece que ellos no pueden hacer nada o ellos estan de acuerdo porque saben que es para una cura o mas bien dicho para vender medicina al gobierno Peruano. A los padres, esta fuerza les cubre todos los gastos, los exámenes médicos, las radiografías, probablemente la comida pero nosotros los pacientes ni enterados a todo lo que nos someten y peor a todo esto sin nuestro conocimiento. Todo esto es muy ilegal. Los padres mismos o amigos son conducidos a llevarte a lugares y ha hacerte comer comidas que ellos saben te harán mal pero ellos necesitan mantener la mentira de la enfermedad. En este caso SIDA, y por ahi tuberculosis, y la de los ganglios que esta en el agua o líquidos, todo contribuye a alimentar la mentira del SIDA. Una religión o religiones parecen estar envueltos en todito esto y ellos se encargan de pagar y hacer las exposiciones a todos y están conectados a una fuerza military que podría ser la marina u otra. Esta fuerza militar empuja a todos los conservadores a infectarnos a los gays y someternos a estos tratamientos ilegales. Detràs hay in partido político de derecha conservador apoyando todos estos tratamientos ilegales.

La conversación con otros pacientes me va a seguir ayudando para descubrir como es que la comunidad lgbti es usada para estos experimentos médicos ilegales, la red de personas que contribuye a infectar a los miembros, si son de derecha o izquierda, y toda esta red de personas envueltas ilegalmente en usar a peruanos para sus tratamientos médicos que son enfermedades creadas para poder vender mas medicinas al Perú y hacernos gastar el dinero de nuestros impuestos.

Este partido político de derecha cuenta con defensores de derechos humanos de derecha, todos encubriendo, la mentira del SIDA, todos cordinados y comunicados. Ellos estan pagando todos los costos, ESPERO!, de haberte expuesto a todas estas enfermedades para poder vender medicinal al gobierno Peruano. Todas estas enfermedades se curan solas, evitando inmediatamente las exposiciones de agua y de aire. Bacterias por el agua, viruses por el aire. El SIDA no existe, no es progresivo, ni se transmite por relaciones sexuales. Toda esta presión viene desde Estados Unidos, de los conservadores Republicans, los anti-humanos.

Como estoy en el Perú, me interesa derrotar en el Perú a la fuerza que hace esto, lamentablemente, familia y amigos han sido infectados también, y solo tenemos que buscar el jugador principal en el país haciendo todo esto, lamentablemente no podremos tener piedad con ellos porque no debemos permitir que infecten mas gente.  Así que mil ojos. Yo se que Obama busca crear una generación libre de SIDA pero infectandonos a todos en el Perú no es una buena idea, el sabe el plan pero el también es capturado por esta fuerza y no puede decir nada, es una fuerza militar conservadora muy pero muy poderosa, por eso no podremos destruir estas farmaceuticas de golpe y sus gentes pero si podemos seguirlos.

Como sabemos que todo es curable sin tratamiento, es necesario comer bien y evitar las exposiciones constantes. Son habilidades que el paciente que tenga VIH tendrá que aprender para vivir feliz y sano SIN tratamiento.












El significado de la película “juegos del hambre 2”

Evidentemente tenemos dos fuerzas peleando: una conservadora y rica contra otra socialista y clase media o pobre.

Debido a mi condición de activista lgbti, yo estoy a favor de los liberales, no conservadores, y status social no importa puede ser cualquiera.

La película refleja dos muertes. Esto no significa que vaya a suceder pero al menos es lo que la película desea o mas bien dicho la fuerza conservadora rica desea. La muerte del Africano Americano es Obama y la forma como muere refleja el deseo de como esta fuerza desearía que muera. La muerte del gobernador Snowden representa el US Dpt. of State y veterano Kerry o el gobernador Brown de California. Para que los juegos terminen y supuestamente yo pueda ser feliz con Peter.

Lamentablemente, es solo una película. Porque yo jamás estaría a favor de una fuerza conservadora. Sin embargo, aunque parezca mentira, es cierto, son estas dos personas las que hacen los juegos tanto en USA como en Perú, pero detràs de estos dos, Obama y Kerry, esta la verdadera fuerza de los juegos. Una fuerza conservadora, rica y que tiene control de los medios de comunicación, la fuerza que nos ha herido a todos.

La película es conservadora porque termina con una pareja heterosexual, dos niños, reflejando la heterosexualidad, lo cual las personas que se sentaron al lado mío celebraban esto, las muertes y el final. Evidentemente, una fuerza conservadora muy pero muy peligrosa pero que no puede hacer nada porque esta atrapada por ahora. Esta película refleja los deseos de hundir  a los socialistas, defensores de derechos humanos, etc.

Todos sabemos muy bien en mi ciudad de Trujillo y en mi país Perú que los juegos fueron dañinos pero la mayoría a las finales lo olvida porque alguien que esta en el Perú se benefició con ellos. La unión de Elidio con PPK es confusa porque PPK esta muy unido con los Republicanos, ya que PPK donó para las campañas de los políticos Republicanos Bush and H.W.Bush y encima tiene negocios en Florida, que es una estado conservador y republicano.

Es confuso porque yo pensé que Elidio era demócrata, al menos que Elidio-PPK refleje una alianza Democrata Republicana y socialista en contra de los Conservadores y Ricos.

Sabemos que la lucha ahora es entre ricos conservadores versus clase media, pobres, socialistas y liberales.

Para entender los juegos hay que ser muy inteligentes. Y nadie debe dar la vida por nadie.  Sin embargo, la libertad de expresión y los cambios positivos del mundo asi como la igualdad de derechos e igualdad en general, se debe proteger.

Y siempre recuerden, la víctima soy yo. Y por más que traten de cambiar a una persona honrada con valores y a favor de toda la igualdad de derechos, eso no lo van a cambiar. Hagan los juegos que hagan. Para mí, descubrir como hacen el VIH-SIDA desde ya es un gran logro para el mundo a pesar de que las fuerzas ricas impidan que salga la verdad. Felizmente, tarde o temprano, acabaremos con este extremismo, y la igualdad continuará su camino.