First at all, it is importnt to understand that the powerful network behind HIV/AIDS is sort of huge, so they can cover all the the things about the medicine, the disease and infect a whole country if they want to. However, my country of Peru is fighting it and lots of people are dying to protect the truth to have Peruvians healthy and safe.

The latest I discovered as an HIV patient is that this network of people has to insert you a disease through your water supply or a liquid in order for the retrovirals to have something to do. In other words, they have to infect you constantly, that is why you have to take retrovirals for life. In reality, they are infecting the whole country constantly, or your state, or your district or your local place, so this way lots of people develop lots of other diseases that are inmunological in nature and that is how the medical network moves. Doctors, nurses, and assistants are infected as well, and they cannot even control this powerful business.

Diseases are put mostly in the water supply or liquids, some in the air and some in products. It is a combination that over the years wears out your inmunological system bringing you to an AIDS status anyways. People start developing mostly respiratory problems and coughing is an alert your lungs are receiving something or virus is accumulating there because of a weak inmune system.

The concept of nutrition has become so famous in 2017 because ONLY eating well will save you of all these attacks with diseases especially inmunenological products in vitamins or in regular food. It is a must or imperative to keep pushing your inmunenological system up with these products due to this greedy pharmaceutical industry formed that wants to make huge profits sickening millions worldwide. Also, as a human right, the right to universal healthcare is imperative because it is humans that are infecting you, and your government must respond somehow with better nutrition laws, maybe punishing unlawful water supply contaminations or providing free healthcare with quality to keep the citizen healthy and productive.

Another disease that should be COVERED by your government FULLY and FREE is ANEMIA. This disease is a result of the diseases thrown in your water supply to create HIV/AIDS. Blood supplies and treatments should be 100% covered by governments because of their inaction to keep our water safe and with 100% purity controlled.

Well, on several dates they keep inserting me diseases since I started taking the retrovirals in my water supply being the latest: June 15, they insert me a huge disease almost caused me paralysis, then on June 25th, 2017 then the retrovirals cure that, but then again and again. Considering I am 38, my body can take these diseases, but I have seen older people around 60 or 70 also adjusting to this insertion of diseases through their water supplies but it hurt their bones big time and end up disabled or cant walk faster anymore.

All of this is controlled by networks of people that work for this lucrative business or just for socialist reason, in other words, to have a job and collect money from other organizations or people. This is the world we have created, and it is fucked up honestly for the ones like me that have a disease created by conservative liberal people.

Well, more to come later if I keep surviving…

Yvo Minchon, gay activist