The system consists of million of babies being watched and heard since little. The system already counts with millions of people, conservative liberals, who use these babies at their will for whatever is presented or needed in the present or future. The system controls all the diseases that we know as of today, and so they decide who to kill or hurt when they need to meet certain profit goals. The system protects their babies and kills much of the baby’s enemies or people these babies relate with. There is a conservative liberal terrorist group that is hired by the system in every country in the world, their job is to protect the system, so whatever needs to be done or created, these puppets will make sure it happens.

The baby or babies chosen dont know they are in the system. So, the baby lives his or her life until he becomes a teenager then adult then an elder, he or she dont know they are being watched and heard all the time by camera and by audio. However, during his or her lifetime, conservative liberals are killing anything that upsets the baby. So, if the baby child gets upset with her mother at age 8 for example, these conservative liberals kill the mother. Like this, these conservative liberals kill tons of people in the baby’s network with diseases mostly sometimes with accidents. However, these conservative liberals satisfy the babies’ desires and wishes because they are selling your life to million of viewers that are watching the baby naked, taking a shower, having sex, etc, whatever the viewers want to watch during his or her entire life.

Since there are billion of babies being controlled by the system, the system orders how many HIV/AIDS patients wants a year, how many of these babies will be future cases of feminicides, how many of these babies will be presidents, how many of these babies will be huge terrorists, how many babies will be sacrified in the name of God, how many babies will have vision or ear or urinary sistem diseases, etc. Absolutely everything but everything that we know of as of today is controlled by the system including climate change alterations, pollutions and some serious phenomenons like big sea waves, earthquakes, etc.

Well, I discovered I was one of the babies at age 35, so I did a retroactive analysis to get to know what the system did to me all these years. Since age 4, they threw AIDS on me which caused me Asthma for life. I was worked out by four religions: Catholics, Evangelists, Christians and Mormons, their intention was for me to experience sexuality at all the time with men and women. Some had sex in front of me, some had sex with me since little. At age 14, I was wild, so one of my friend’s parents kicked me for my behavior, the system right after killed that parent with cancer. I was very smart and had a good memory, I started digesting the concepts of Karma because I used to see that whoever harms me got hurt right away, I didnt know the system was hurting them back. All these religious people controlling me even at the university making sure their baby is protected, I remember some Evangelists around in my class. I was fine in America obtaining my achievements with hard work, I worked my ass off to learn English, I had almost 4 jobs at the time and had a perfect job and a perfect life until the damn video event happened in April 2009. It was a video of me and my boyfriend having sex which a coworker at work grabbed my cell phone and show it to three other coworkers. I didnt say anything just ate the event and got a little sick. Somebody at work made the complaint at the federal level, the whole scandal happened interviewing eveybody, the psychological torture began. This time, that system that protected me was attacking me because conservatives didnt want a record of a discrimination case to a gay employee at a state job. The psychological torture began at work, at FTB, with hundred of employees doing the games, then the city, then the state, then the country, then my homecountry of Peru, then the whole world. It was amazing how much it grew since 2011 to 2016. What conservative liberals from the system did since they knew me very well from little and my case was a huge discrimination case for all the United States, they turned me into a GOD sort of human, killing thousands of people with their conservative liberal terrorists or militars I shall say, and conceding millions of people worldwide their wishes and desires. That is how thousands of people from all over the world started torturing me to get their wish and desire whatever they wanted. Millions of Peruvians started torturing me in Peru including all political parties that we know today in my country. It was a big fat mess, and conservative liberals from the system satisfying thousands of people wishes and desires on my behalf creating the fraud of GOD.

The rest, the whole world knows it. I discovered AIDS, Russia and the USA trying to protect the system and their AIDS, now the whole world knows it and the games. The goal of the system is World War III now. They need a reason to destroy the world now that everything have been found out and destroy America.

The system on first chain is composed of far right supremacist military people from all forces and their veterans, right wings. On second chain is composed of White Supremacist Christian Religions. On Third Chain, right wing human rights defenders. On fourth chain, right wing conservative liberal terrorists. On Fifth chain, right wing activists and socialists. All connected protecting the system and AIDS.

Later, I discovered this system created religion, the same far right military order from the past invented everything, the Bible, and separated from Judaism, their idea was to conquer the world through faith. They can careless about faith, they care about control, money, power, and their system.

Well, this is what we have today, a world with invented religions that are big screens for this military order to kill billions of people with their system and their AIDS. They lost the AIDS weapon, they lost the games, now it is only them and their media, that is all they have. If the world unites, is over for them, and religion has to be restored. Equal rights, lgbti rights and women rights have to be approved 100%. Lots of things should change, I hope. Lets see what comes up.

Yvo Rances Minchon, an international gay activist.