Certainly, the disease has killed 39 million people and has 38 million people infected around the world, but what happens when you have survived two waves of AIDS and you take control of the disease and not the disease takes control of your body? The picture is completely different!

As a child, I experienced the first wave of AIDS (1981-1986), I received it when I was a 4 years old in Peru, yes, AIDS was being thrown worldwide. Then, the second wave of AIDS (2011-2016) was pretty tough as well and survival was my goal. Again, this happened in Peru as well.

In the second wave though around 2013-2016, I was able to observe everything. Intuition and observation helped to detect every attack as to how AIDS is made by a network of people within your country. Surviving was not easy and fell sick thousand of times even I was very close to die on September 2014 with AIDS. However, it is observing that I understood all the components of the disease AIDS which is basically nothing else that a combination of diseases together. These diseases which are made with drugs, bacterias and viruses causes a pool of diseases, more than 70 diseases, and I experienced them all.

When you know what disease you are given based on symptoms you act upon it, and that is what I did. First at all, I became aware of the status of HIV positive as of March 2015. By then, I already knew all the details of how the disease is made but I still needed to confirm a few more details. When I discovered “the drug of AIDS” in 2016, that was the last piece I needed to cure every symptom naturally and with proper nutrition.

It is important to remark that when I was told of my HIV status on March 2015, I was told to enroll in a program called Targa. I refused to take the retrovirals because I knew how the disease is made. However, I took 9 months of Ionizide for lungs protection and 6 months of antibacterial drugs. These two profilaxis treatments helped a lot, and I believe is all you need to make it on your own but of course depending on your knowledge of medicine, the attacks and nutrition.

Because AIDS is a pool of diseases together, simply you have to address every disease on its own based on symptoms. If you have dyahrrea, take a Bactrin, and that is it sort of thing. You got people in your country throwing these diseases once in a while by air and water, that is why knowing the attacks is important and acting inmediately too. Certainly, your inmune system gets hurt and probably, there will be certain foods you will never be able to eat again based on your knowledge of your body and its symptoms.

The title of this article is, “the superiority of AIDS”, and it is, what happens when you control the disease, know the attacks, have proper nutrition with fruits, vegetables and organic and natural products, well simply nothing gets you sick. The inmune system even when is a little damaged develops superiority and is stronger against diseases now. However, the habits of proper nutrition and not eating the foods or products that affect you is a requirement for life probably. You are the only one to know your body and its symptoms. The inmune sytem gets stronger after you have recovered because it already read all the diseases you had and is prepared to afront them if they come again. Our inmune system is like a USB, it learns about a disease, it fights it, memorize the composition of the disease, and uses its weapons to fight it. Next time, your inmune system recognizes the disease and simply uses its weapons straight forward, is ready to fight it. The more diseases you havepand make it, the stronger your inmune system gets with more genetical disease information. Vaccines also help to feed this USB of ours.

More about AIDS by my own xperience: is not lethal, is not progressive, is not sexually transmitted, is nothing when controlled with good nutrition, and I believe is not passed through the blood as well. The reasoning is simple, AIDS is a combination of diseases, but these diseases are stored on your own genetical body. The blood could be dirty but still does not compromise the other person. Otherwise, people that have moles and cancers with sex would transmit the same to other people, and that is not true either.

What I have observed though is that this AIDS network of people is part of the Service Intelligence because they track down every patient, and they manage to keep the lie by infecting people. So, while you think you have HIV because a person passed it to you, that is not true, the people in the system has observed you and threw the AIDS diseases on you!. If you are lgbti, you are an easy target. However, AIDS does not discriminate. It is proven AIDS was created by the US CIA, the Presbyterians and the Vatican, but conservatives use it to protect religion sometimes and is mostly associated with center right or right wings political parties, and the people behind these political parties are called conservative socialists.

If you are HIV positive, think like this: This is my disease, I gotta discover now the people doing this to me, and the attacks around me. Once, you figure that out, you cure almost 100% with proper nutrition. Of course, you gotta avoid the attacks by air and water. Then, HIV/AIDS becomes nothing, and you can have as much sex as you want. Be happy to know is not transmitted by blood either. AIDS doesnt get into your blood, AIDS damages your inmune system and organs based on the attack, I have written about the attacks already, read my blog on facebook or my articles.

Positive side effects of the AIDS disease: Hiperactivity, multitasking, higher creativity, higher retention, higher wishes of perfection in everything you do, higher intelligency or memory retention because of the drugs. As well, better intuition and observation to detail which led me to discover all about this HIV/AIDS disease because they have thrown it on me all my life almost.

Have a nice and healthy day and remember health has no price!

Yvo Minchon, an lgbti activist