First at all, you need to understand a few things about the HIV/AIDS disease:

– Is not lethal, is not progressive, is not transmitted sexually, is 100% curable, you can have AIDS and be NEGATIVE.

What to do when you test HIV positive in a HIV test?

– This only means your inmune system is asking for urgent help. Change your habit of life for a full year with a proper nutrition and no substances or alcohol of any kind, and follow the following treatment besides that: 9 months of Ionizide to clean your lungs of tuberculosis, and 6 months of antibacterial to clean your whole body of bacterias.

– After a full year, your body will recover 80% and within a year and a half, your body and inmune system will recover 100%.

Why people die with HIV or AIDS, what to do to avoid it?

– Avoid all attacks. In many HIV patients, you are actually chased to experience the disease by a network of people to become ill for several reasons. This network of people needs to get a number of patients per year, that is why they are getting pay for. Be aware then that they have to work you out to become a patient and a person who will believe the disease.

What are the attacks? How can I avoid them, so I dont die?

-Three main attacks: Drugs, Bacteria and Viruses. They are everywhere in different ways. You have to be smart if you have been targeted and learn to recognize once you receive one of these attacks. You will get symptoms, just address the particular disease you are having based on your symptoms inmediately, amd that is it. Bottom line, get that inmune system up and going. Proper nutrition everyday matters a lot.

How can I recognize the attacks?

– HIV/AIDS is a disease created since 1980. Since then, this network of people havent stopped throwing it in your area, city or country. Unfortunately, that is the way how it is. If the whole world knew this, they will know that 90% of their diseases happen because HIV/AIDS is being created around the place where you live or you are the target.

– The attacks can be recognized by the symptoms. For example: if it is drugs it will be your head, your blood pressure, etc. If it is bacteria, it could be diahreea, stomach pain, skin problems. If it is viruses, it could be tuberculosis, or a biological weapon in the air, these are the hardest ones to recognize.

What to do when YOU know you are a target?

– You cant eat outside on the streets much. You have to eat well washed vegetables and fruits. Simply, everything you eat or drink, you have to be extremely careful all your life now.

My advice:

I became a target for being an international lgbti activist. I cured myself 100% without retroviral treatment, addressing every disease by itself based on its symptoms, and with proper nutrition based on fruits, vegetables, and natural and organic products. Once in a while, the network of people I talk about, give me an attack, but I know them all now. However, they keep trying all the time, even the Zika mosquitos ended in my locked room. You can tell then this hateful network is constantly attacking you, but nothing I cannot discover so far. Now, the haters will use your loved ones or your friends or even known people to hurt you, so you cannot trust anybody anymore. Simply, this billionaire pharmaceutical business can buy anybody anywhere at the moment, and if you are a target, this network will use the people you less imagine to hurt you. You just need to be smart dude! That is all, I am healthy  I made it, and I am sharing my story with you in case it happens to you!

Yvo Minchon, an LGBTI activist