If you go to Google, you are going to find out the following symptoms that are related to HIV/AIDS:

– Fever, severe fatigue,  non-itchy rash, swollen glands/lymph nodes, muscle aches, sore throat, night sweats, sores or ulcers in the mouth.

The saying that you can have AIDS and be NEGATIVE is true. HIV positive only means weak immune system at its maximum level. HIV/AIDS is nothing else that a combination of independent diseases that need to be treated independently, that is all, some curable, some might not be depending on severity. HIV/AIDS derives into more than 50 diseases because when immune system is weak everything becomes a threat, that is all, bumping up your immune system is a must do especially after exposures. Exposures are done by air or water or in products, and this weakens your immune system. Like I said, retroviral treatment is not needed, but a good nutrition system is. So, I should say retroviral treatmemt is needed when you cant afford a good nutrition plan rich in inmunological food. However, immunological foods don’t mean they are expensive, there are several foods at a low cost that enhances your immune system.

The first step if you are HIV positive after testing is PROFILAXIS. This only means, you have had lots of exposures, you need to clean up your body quick from bacterias and viruses. 3 to 6 months of anti-bacterial, and 6 to 9 months of Ionizide for tuberculosis. When doing this profilaxis, a good nutrition plan for full recovery. After profilaxis, you can only continue with good nutrition, and that is it.

HIV/AIDS is not progressive, it is people who make it progressive with several attacks that come from the network of people in charge of spreading AIDS in your country. In Africa, HIV/AIDS is general, AIDS is thrown in the whole country. In Peru, for example, is more personalized, this network of Peruvians will throw AIDS to you if you become a threat to religion, for mere revenge or other reasons. This network of people throwing AIDS in every country in the world have one job and is to get enough new patients with HIV positive status per year. They basically have to choose where to throw the air viruses, the water or liquids contaminations seem to be done constantly and randomly.

Like the title of this article says, “how HIV symptoms are hcreated”, they are created by air and by water or liquids. By air, the main ones are the tuberculosis virus, and a biological weapon. By water, is the diabetes or inmunologcal liquid as I called it. By product, is a drug placed in main products.

By product, they use  a drug or ingredient that intoxicates your body causing rashes. By water or liquids, the “diabetes or inmunological” liquid which supresses your immune system causing fever, fatigue, swollen glands/lymph nodes, muscle aches, sore throat, night sweats, and ulcers or sores in the mouth. So far, this is what I have discovered while I perfect more and more my findings with time and observation because they threw AIDS all over my city.

I am HIV positive, but  I have the same symptoms than many in my city that are negative. This shows, being POSITIVE only means weak immune system at the moment you do the testing. This also means you can have AIDS and develop any of the more than 50 diseases that AIDS causes and be NEGATIVE. For example, CANCER is a derivative of AIDS through the water or liquids contamination. You don’t develop AIDS to become HIV positive, but you develop a derivative disease from these air and water contaminations.

Of course as I observe more  I become an expert in the field of medicine. These games, by whoever they come from, made me discover all of this. Thank you to the gamers for putting me in their torture game, conservative side, without this, I wouldn’t have been able to discover anything. This is a medical-pharmaceutical business that now the world gets to find out, so millions of lives can be saved.

Yvo Minchon, an lgbti activist. Trujillo-Peru